A new financial system that taps into unheard of assets

What is Regenerative Finance? ♻ ReFi is a regenerative economic model instead of an extractive model - where the money solves systemic issues, whilst providing profit. Extractive models - which has been the basis of financial models up until now - drains resources/ people/ systems without giving back. This is outdated. How does Brokoli uses a #ReFi model - providing financial value to our community whilst helping the planet? By tapping into the closed off carbon credit market. We call it our NFTree forest system. NFTrees are a carbon credit -a carbon credit is a permit that allows the owner to emit a certain amount of CO2. Companies and business can use these credits to understand their own environmental impact and make action towards offsetting these goals. Each NFTree presents a real tree we have planted, which is how they can be used as 'proof of impact'. NFTrees can be earned by trading or through a subscription with us. Why is this so revolutionary? Carbon credits today are traded in opaque markets, that few have access to. And today, even when institutions hold carbon credits, they are "dead assets". But Brokoli NFTree system changes that. NFTree holders can monetise the value of carbon credits by selling them to buyers who want them for their own proof of impact. In this way we put the low-hanging fruit of carbon credits on-chain as real assets, for anybody. We are making this exchange accessible to anyone. And this is #ReFi - we tokenize carbon credit assets & connect buyer with seller via our decentralized protocol. ReFi is crucial to the future of Web3, due to the environmental impact of web3 that needs users or projects to continually offset their own damage. We allows tokens and NFTs to reach sustainability goals whilst remaining profitable, allowing the planet and people to prosper

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