Tree planting

We will use partners in both developing and developed markets to plant trees. The benefit of choosing one trusted partner rather than decentralising the tree planting projects is the ability to make sure of the quality of their work and negotiate competitive pricing.

Also, the quality of carbon offsets has to be ensured, which has been an issue for a long time. A 2016 European Union study found a shocking statistic: 85% of offset projects they looked at would have gone ahead even without the purchase of offsets. As a result, the money people put into these projects had no influence on those projects being carried out.

In an article by an environmental journalist Lisa Song, she found out that one programme that sold offsets to preserve trees between 2013 and 2017 cut down half of them afterwards.

Therefore, Brokoli will use trusted third-party certifications for carbon offsets to ensure that funded tree planting partners contribute with additionality: carbon offsets that would not have been possible without the funding. Although there are several third-party certifications for carbon offsets, the Gold Standard, Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard Program, Climate Action Reserve, and Plan Vivo remain the most acitve and reputable in the project verification process, and these are the ones that Brokoli will use.

Having chosen a trustworthy partner, we have a target price of $0.5 per tree planted, which is 2 times cheaper than the usual fee for similar service. Because we will be planting bulk amounts of trees, we will be able to arrive at these lower prices.

In the long run, climate project onboarding will become permissionless: any project (based on our quality requirements) will be able to onboard themselves.

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