Echoing the goals outlined by the Paris Agreement, we strive to achieve net zero carbon emissions in blockchain. We will make climate action to eventually be part of every DeFi transaction.

However, the reality is different: this recent Harvard study illustrates how each $1 of cryptocurrency coin value created would be responsible for $0.66 in health and climate damages. While currently blockchain is operating against the global realisation to adopt greener practices across all economic sectors, we want digital currencies to be a part of the sustainable future: climate and planet positive future, not self-destructive future.

We see that DeFi applications are improving the inefficiencies of the financial world. This is why we’re building a non-custodial solution to offset the carbon footprint caused by digital transactions every day. As a result, we will implement decentralisation in the decision-making process of how the carbon emission offset.

We are taking the green revolution on the blockchain.

Our vision: becoming the ultimate sustainability standard in blockchain: no project will be taken seriously without Brokoli's climate-positivity badge.

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