Market need

DeFi and the blockchain community in general is experiencing scrutiny from the media and the wider public about the sustainability concerns to be addressed before any wider adoption can be achieved. In addition, there is a rise in sustainability-conscious platforms that are looking to find ways to offset their footprint. Simultaneously there is a lack of transparency and accountability associated with DeFi and digital assets, which makes many platforms less trustworthy.

87% of Gen Zers are concerned about the environment, including 90% of Gen Zers who think companies must lead the way in the planet’s sustainability journey. Similarly, more than 70% of millennials care about global warming and other climate issues. 42% of millennials are planning to enter the crypto ecosystem, which means that the space will be forced to find long-term sustainability solutions like Brokoli.

Our platform will fulfill the market need of both sustainable technical solutions (DEX and dApps) and trust-worthy charity. Also, we will gamify the process of donations and make charity social media friendly by issuing green NFTs. Finally, as we are the first entrant into the market of its kind that will use a decentralised and transparent system and will have the credibility from the track record of sustainable projects and Venture Capital partners, we will accept direct donations from individuals and corporates. We expect that our seamless and low fees of 9% will make Brokoli a desirable partner as fundraising and marketing costs of comparable charities are 30% or more.

Another huge area for growth for DeFi is institutional funds entering the space. However, due to ESG concerns and stakeholder activism, funds have not been able to that rapidly enough. The graph below shows the growth of green investments in traditional finance, which has not been addressed in DeFi.

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