Climate Projects

Through staking either of $BRKL tokens or Brokoli Bro NFTs, a holder is afforded voting rights in the Climate Parliament DAO. To mitigate any confusion, our Climate Parliament DAO is not a separate entity from BrokoliDAO. It instead refers to the functionality of BrokoliDAO that is dedicated solely to the collection of ‘green fees’ taken from Brokoli’s various products, and their subsequent allocation to fund Brokoli’s extensive board of vetted climate projects.

Community members that stake Brokoli token will vote on which projects will be selected to offset the electrical energy used in DeFi transactions. After the projects are funded fully or partially and will begin construction and operation, we will prepare monthly reports on the total electrical energy offset and impact of those that collectively fund the operation by opting in to pledge a Climate Fee. In addition, our analysts will prepare an automatic dashboard displaying offset volume forecasting, technical administration, and compensation reporting in real time. Staked holders will be afforded the ability to vote for which projects get funded, relative to the quantity of $BRKL they have staked or NFTs they own.

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