Token Economics

Creating a deflationary system using our native blockchain based currency; $BRKL

$BRKL is an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. $BRKL works through a complex deflationary system; a limited supply token that is used as in-world currency for trading ‘green assets’ & to reward successful gameplay and carbon offsetting. The equilibrium of supply & demand is determined by the current circulating supply relative to the number of players succeeding at tournaments, winning minigames & the quantity of $BRKL being emitted vs. the number of players burning $BRKL through entering PvP competitions, travelling from habitat to habitat to planet, and gambling.

In conjunction with our deflationary economic system, a portion of all $BRKL & NFTs taken to be burnt/frozen and recirculated from any brokoli use will be used to offset its carbon footprint as ‘green fees’.

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