Brokoli Climate DAO

Voting, projects, treasury & more

The Green DEX plays off a tier-structured DAO system of governance.

It will have at its centre, one overarching DAO comprising a parliament that will govern how updates, product developments and strategic partnerships will take place a treasury through which all cash flows into Brokoli will be injected.

Most importantly, 4 times a year a climate change DAO vote will take place. This is Brokolians opportunity to vote on their favourite sustainability project that the Brokoli treasury will then contribute to. How much $BRKL a person has staked will determine their voting power and reward payout from DAO. The DAO will vote periodically on how its funds are used - whether that be paying out rewards to staked holders, or using them to fund exclusive events or experiences. This generates an opportunity for users to contribute back to the environnment and learn more about green campaigns across the world.

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