Our vision

A healthy planet is a fundamental human need. But blockchain technology is getting in the way.

We want to change that.

At Brokoli, our primary mission is to be the change that web3 and crypto needs. We offset all of our carbon emissions with green campaigns across the globe and with our own tree planting. 
Brokoli is a DEX aggregator, where every trade made is offset with 1 planted tree. You earn NFTrees for every tree you plant - which acts as a carbon credit for you to keep or to sell to others, who wish to use NFTrees to offset their own emissions. 
 We also connect crypto users to sustainability campaigns across the globe with our climate change DAO. Brokoli NFT or $ BRKL holders may vote on their favourite project, and we’ll contribute. For free. 
Together we can change the course of this future.

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