Market size

Due to the carbon footprint issues seen as the key obstacle to mass crypto adoption, we anticipate that at least 50% of the crypto donations market will belong to sustainability-oriented causes served by Brokoli.

  • As of May 2021, DEX trading volume is on pace to reach $5.4 trillion in 2021, and is growing at approximately 40% per month. If we assume that Brokoli will capture 10% of the market based on the users that prefer sustainability-driven solutions, our trading volume will reach $536 billion. If we further assume an average Climate Fee per transaction to be at 1%, Brokoli will collect 5.4 billion in donations from our DEX. From that, 5% is distributed to token holders, which represents $267.5 million in yearly income for liquidity providers.

  • DApps integrations will be an area for growth contingent on the business development efforts. The market size of dApps is expected to be $368 billion (annual growth of 56.1%) in the next 5 years. If 10% of the transaction volume is carried out with Brokoli API, this would mean an additional $36.8 billion in transaction value that could opt in for Climate Fee payments. If we assume an average 1% Climate Fee, this represents an additional $368 million in Climate Fee payments from dApps integrations. For liquidity providers, this would mean $17.5 million in yearly income.

  • The amount of direct charity donations in the crypto space are rapidly rising. A recent report showed $200 million in charity donations. We expect this market to reach $1+ billion in the next 5 years with green charities at the forefront of this increase. From that, we aim to become the go-to partner for carbon offsets as a first-mover to represent 20% of this market and additional $200 million yearly Climate Fee, which would generate $8 million for liquidity providers.

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